Daily Tip Number One

Last weekend, I participated in the Revgear Tournament of Champions for Muay Thai kickboxing. It didn’t go as hoped, but having my family and friends all together to watch me fight was more than I could ask for.

Even my little nieces came, age 3 months, seven and four. It felt good to know they were watching me, I remember hearing them yell “knee! knee!” during my fight.

Arowyn, 7 and Avie, 4

But now, it’s time to get back into the swing of things: Find a new training routine to suit my schedule and finally eat come carbs!

That is the intention of this blog- to share some of the tricks and tips I use to keep fit every day while trying to balance a crazy and demanding schedule. I admit, sometimes the road gets rocky as the assignments pile up but, over the past few years I’ve developed ways to make my life easier.

Daily Tip Number One:

A strong drive and commitment is essential to any fitness routine, but it’s been my experience that’s not what keeps you on track, pre-planning does (I’ll share more on that later). Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you were faithful to making it to the gym at 5:30 am, but now you haven’t left enough time to make a nutritious, protein packed breakfast.

Thus is the miracle of one of my favorite tricks: the protein “mug muffin.” Highly versatile and surprisingly tasty, the mug muffin satisfies even the fiercest post-workout hunger.

To begin, I make it easy on myself- I use a specifically “protein” pancake or muffin mix. There are a few good brands out there, I find mine in the “health food” section of Hyvee, but I’ve also seen them at Target and Walmart too. My favorite is a brand called Kodiak Cakes, and I use either their protein packed muffin or pancake mix.


From there, you need an average sized mug, bowl, some cooking spray and protein powder. The mixes themselves are already high protein, but adding even a half serving of protein powder ups the protein without compromising on taste. I have two favorite brands I like to bake with, either Quest Protein Vanilla Milkshake or the unflavored Bob’s Red Mill Whey Protein Powder. Both types work well, and I add a half serving of Quest or a full serving of Bob’s. For this recipe, I chose a half serving of Quest. You can also add lots of different extras, possibly berries, PB2 powder or peanut butter, whatever suits your taste buds.


Combine one serving of the mix and protein powder in a bowl, and keep adding tablespoons of water until it makes a batter consistency, then add the extras. For muffin mixes, thicker is good, go thinner for the pancake mixes.


Spray the inside of the mug with cooking spray and add the batter. Then put in the microwave for 90 seconds. After it’s done cooking, check if the edges are still sticky. Keep microwaving for about 25-30 seconds until the edges appear more “baked” but be careful, you don’t want to overcook the center and have a tough muffin.


Et voila! You have a muffin. Add fat- free whipped cream, some fruit and sugar-free syrup if you please, or if you’re cut for time, cut in a couple pieces, throw in a sandwich bag and take it with you!


If you’re counting macros, the macros for this muffin (Using the Kodiak Cakes Protein Packed Blueberry Lemon Muffin Mix and Quest Vanilla Milkshake Protein), not including whipped cream and banana are, 1.5f/41.5c/25p. Macros will vary though, depending on the mix or protein!

The Protein Mug Muffin

  • 1 serving of protein pancake or muffin mix
  • 1/2 serving of protein powder (approx. 14g, or 20g for Bob’s Red Mill)
  • Optional: Fruit, fat-free whipped cream, PB2 or peanut butter, sugar-free syrup or jelly


Combine mix and protein powder in a separate bowl, and then add the extras. Spray the inside of an averaged size mug and add batter. Microwave for 90 seconds, and continue to microwave in 25-30 second intervals until edges are no longer sticky. Let the muffin cool for a minute or two and then enjoy!


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